Benefits of Artificial Pet Turf

Out of all the synthetic turf companies nearby, Artificial Lawns of Philadelphia is the top provider of pet grass, artificial greens and lawns. A majority of our customers come to us to seek out solutions for their yards and pets. Read on to learn about all of the benefits an artificial grass installation can have for you and your pet!

Artificial Grass is Easy to Clean:
Our pet turf significantly reduces the amount of clean up and yard work associated with a traditional lawn. It can be especially time consuming to perform upkeep on the parts of your yard that pets frequently use. All the reseeding, watering, and cleaning up takes away from valuable play time!

The only maintenance associated with a synthetic pet lawn is to hose down waste areas and pick up larger debris. All our turf options feature advanced drainage systems to allow a quick flow of water and liquids. No matter how many furry friends you have, you won’t have to worry about discoloring or dead patches of grass!

Artificial Grass Offers Top Hygiene:
Traditional lawns can be hard to keep clean for your family and pets. Fortunately, ants, bugs, fleas, ticks, and other pests don’t like synthetic lawns. This means your yard will now be a safe space for your pets. This also reduces the chance of pests getting tracked into your home from attaching to your pets.

Green Grass all Year Long:
Say goodbye to pets digging holes in your lawn. Your pets won’t be able to dig through our durable lawns and create holes or patches of dirt. No more patches of dirt means no more dirt and mud in the house. Also, during our cold and wet Philadelphia winters, snow melt won’t be able to create mud patches.

A common problem that plagues traditional lawns are brown patches. These patches can occur from dead or discolored grass. It looks unsightly and can require high maintenance. An artificial grass lawn will stay green all year long and never develop brown patches.

When you are considering artificial turf in Philadelphia, contact us at Artificial Lawns of Philadelphia. We will supply you with the top artificial lawn reduce the amount of yard work and time needed to maintain the lawns you and your pets share.